Payment plans

A suitable plan for everyone

No more unexpected sky high costs to maintain your API operations.

Our fixed fees enable you to predict your monthly budget, no matter how much support you utilize.


Enjoy our premium support and the flexibility to scale up (or down) whenever you need. Our plans include a service level agreement and a dedicated account manager, who is there to meet your needs.


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bronze plan

Bronze plan

No need for day and night monitoring and support of your API Management environment(s), because your customers call your APIs mostly during office hours?

Then don’t overpay: only pay for monitoring and support during office hours.

Monday to Friday

Managed services between 08:00AM and 05:30PM

Weekends and public holidays not included

Silver plan

Offer your customers up and running API related services, during extended office hours. Also, don’t pay for management during night hours while you don’t really need management during night hours.

Our silver plan, the golden mean.

Monday to Friday between 08:00AM and 11:00PM

Weekends and public holidays between 10:00AM and 10:00PM

siklver plan
golden plan

Gold plan

Well-rested engineers and monitored APIs at night: it is possible with our golden plan.

Let us take care of your APIs 24/7, while you and your developers and support staff enjoy a good night’s rest.

24/7 service

Public holidays included

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